Relax & Escape

Take a deep breath, lay back relax and escape

Tide of relaxation 55min €50.00

Feel a tide of relaxation as floating movements on the body seem like ocean tides gently sweeping the shoreline. Aromatic oils caress your skin, while this light to medium pressure massage relaxes your entire body.

Into the Deep 45min €60.00

A highly beneficial massage for muscular pain and stiffness. By means of the healing power of touch, slow and deep massage techniques relieve tightness and tension from the muscles.

Your Personal Preference 25min €30.00

Focusing on the the areas of the body that you feel you need more relaxation or tension relief . Choose from relaxing or deep massage:
Back, neck and shoulders or Back and Back of Legs or Just Legs

Indian Head Massage 35min €40.00

Inspired by the Indian Head Massage this pearl of a treatment will embrace your mind and spirit. Aromatic oils used with a relaxing stress releaving head, neck and shoulder massage, aid in restoring vital strength and energy to the body whilst helping to balance inner and outer harmony.

Reflexology 45min €40.00

Reflexology is an ancient natural therapy which relates to the 'reflex' points that are found in the foot. These points correspond to areas of the body and by working these reflex points you promote health and wellbeing and intense relaxation. The body is more balanced, grounded and a sense of
inner piece prevails.

Volcanic Stone Massage 75min €65.00

Reap the benefits of the power of the volcanic fire with the energy from the oceans waves. Applied to the body with speciallized massage movements and essential oils the stones release a ring of warm energy onto the body, deeply relaxing muscle tension while soothing and balancing the mind
body and soul.

Thai Massage 75min €65.00

Embark on an exotic journey to the Far East and experience a truly exceptional treatment. Your body is maneuvered in a sereis of yoga like streches improving your flexibility and increasing your energy.